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UrbanDarkRP  customservers 24/7 100tickrate,Great fun,great roleplayers.

We are the great seriousroleplayers and play garrysmodRP all day.Our great servers are custom and use high speed tech with 2000MBTs proccecors 500FTS and 101tickrate.To keep you happy are servers run with an elite team of administators that can roleplay very well and if you cant RP we will always be glad to teach you. You Can Purchase Immunity Via Paypal, simply check out our products for 30days premium vip status that allows you to do much more than standard players.We currently have 2 of our servers:

UrberRP1- now-Our Number one UrberRolePlay and seriousroleplays are welcome.Check out the standard server for all peaople and great to hang out and have a nice RP expierence. 24slots 100Tickrate-Custom Gamemode,Turbo InternetSpeed for UK Users.2000Mbts.

DarkRP- garrysmod servers with some good peaople you better check it out before playing on the 1st server. 14 slots-66TickRate-Standard Gamemode,Turbo InternetSpeed for UK users.1000mbts.

Thats what we got we also have some CSS servers that run on Xeon high performance servers that will only be opened in a anniversary and to host contests.Check out our great pictures of what we have and are store.

We love roleplaying and feel free to join our little and friendly community of RolePlayers.You can also purchase admin Via Paypal or immunity,you would also be given a little administator lesson for you to be a perfect admin. Our main server has 24 slots that means we are going to UPGRADE for BigCity roleplay.Invite your friends to play with us and chill out with our roleplayers.We have custom jobs addons and even host contests on our server. Our players like to be creative and we always like to RPBuild. Begging the nice RolePlay revolution with us and you can register for great information about the latest gamemodes and addons.Try out our recent products.

Our homemade addons:


2.Css Realestic Weapons UPDATED.

3.DrugzMod UPDATE v2.

4.Added more jobs and more guns for Civil Protection.

Check out  the quick reference at the bottom of this page.

Check out our NEW sale soon that is coming in 2 weeks time or look at our great contests to win prizes.



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We also will give you some great pictures so we can express our selves and show what we have got.

Also before regestering join our OFFICIAL steam group:http://steamcommunity.com/groups/urbandarkrp

Are gamemodes are 100% Home made and custom so more guns weapons cars more action and fun.

Pictures and special offers:

Purchase Immunity! Earn Respect,look better and have a bigger wallet.

Purchase Immunity Premium for more tools,money and weapons. In-Stock.

Simply press this buy button and send your steam id to the email you payed. Only avaidable here not in products and for a short time. While stocks last.

 Immunity(Casual)now avaideble at Products or look at Recent Products.Upgrate to ADMIN and get a ADMINISTATOR lesson now: Get all the training you need at our servers. Check out the new PremiumImmunity.

Hang out with Urban-RP-Chat,Talk,RP just live a Social Life with Us.

Our DarkRP is created for SeriousRolePlayers and social peaople.

We love to talk about the newest RP and technology on our servers.Pure Fun.

Our group selects some of the best RP maps and custom addons for our RPers.

Custom RP vechiles with great effects and sounds only at UrbanDarkRP seriousroleplay servers. Made by UrbanDarkRP 24/7 Custom Works.

 Thats what we represent and also if you want more photos check out our gallery and soon we will make a video so you can know us even more. If you like the server please register and donate and for the donation we will give you much more fun and expirience than other players.If you want to purchase a server and be one friendly roleplay clan with us join our steam group and add the owner.

The following things we use:

1.GTXgaming.co.uk-Advanced servers.

2.TCAAdminControlPanel-Advanced Monotoring Control Panel.

3.CustomCoded DarkRP-Coded by our LUA coder. Not found anywhere only at Urban-RP.

4.Intel Xeon Proccecors 2.8GHZ.

5.2000mbts to all servers,100 tick.

This is all the information that we gave you. Please support are little and friendly roleplayer community and donate to have a good reputation. We will soon celebrate our 2010 anniverary that we havent celebrated and we will gift you with these prizes for the 1st custom gamemode that you will give us.

1.Steam account with 3 games:LostPlanetExtremeCondition,HL2DM and HL2 LoastCoast.

2.One month LetitBit Premium Code.

3.In game money 600 000$

4.Immunity for one month.(PremiumStatus)

Thank you for reading thats all the information.Our little and growing community of roleplayers needs support and you can donate and for the donation you will recieve your gift.(Depends on the ammount)

Our group and servers are alive thanks to our donators and LUA coder:Gustagvr.

All the gamemodes are made by our LUACoder and UrbanRolePlay-CustomWork 24/7

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Simply donate any ammount you want or just buy some of our great products for more fun gameplay.

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Quick Reference!

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